Reading List

Things I am gonna have to read

Constructing a culture: a people’s history of Australia since 1788 eds. Verity Burgman and Jenny Lee, Melbourne: McPhee Gribble/Penguin Books, 1988, 259–84.

A Short History of Australia by Manning Clark

‘Cooees across the Strand: Australian Travellers in London and the Performance of National Identity’ Australian Historical Studies 32(116) April 2001

The Australian Ugliness by Robin Boyd (1960)

Whitewash. On Keith Windschuttle’s Fabrication of Aboriginal History ed Robert Manne

Mixed Relations by Regina Ganter (interactions of Asian settlers and indigenous Australians)

Sense and Nonsense in Australian History by John Hirst (Black Inc., 2006)

Lion and Kangaroo: The Initiation of Australia by Gavin Souter

Radical Melbourne 2004 Jeff Sparrow and Jill Sparrow

Bearbrass by Robyn Annear

Robyn Annear A City Lost and Found

More than Luck: Ideas Australia Needs Now Centre for Policy Development

Zombies, Lilliputians and Sadists: The Power of the Living Dead and the Future of Australia (2004) Curtin University Press)

Australia Fair by Hugh Stretton, 2005

Ruling Australia: The Power, Privilege and Politics of the New Ruling Class,, ed. Nathan Hollier, Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne. 2004

Indigenous Affairs
Jon Altman and Melinda Hinkson (eds) Culture Crisis: Anthropology and Politics in Aboriginal Australia UNSW Press, Sydney, 2010

Voices of the First Day: Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime by Robert Lawlor
Centre for Aboriginal Economic Poicy Research at ANU
Stuff from Australian Strategic Policy Institute
Stuff from the Australian Defence Organisation

The Future Eaters by Tim Flannery

Dr Peter Christoff (Univeristy of Melbourne)

Ecological Pioneers: A Social History of Australian Ecological Thought and Action by Martin Mulligan and Stuart Hill

Protest/Social Movements

Power, Profit and Protest: Australian Social Movements and Globalisation (2008) Verity Burgmann

With Love and Fury (Letters) by Judith Wright

The gauche intruder : Freud, Lacan and the white Australian fantasy / Jennifer Rutherford
Rutherford, Jennifer
ORANGE SHELVES – General Reference – 305.80994 R975


Sara Dane by Catherine Gaskin

The Timeless Land by Eleanor Dark

For the Term of His Natural Life by Marcus Clarke

Websites and so forth

Evan Whitton (exposed lots of corruption stuff in NSW and Queensland)


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