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Put out dirty old Flags!!!

July 1, 2011

Ha ha ha.

Mitchell read out the (foundation of the Northern Territory) proclamation: his wife tugged at the flagpole rope, and a less than pristine commonwealth flag was run up. A new one was available; it had been made for the occasion by Chinese tailors in town, but the White Australia activists of the North Australia League were so enraged by its provenance that they had threatened to boycott the event if it were used.
White Elephant Territory
Weekend Australian Review April 9-10 2011
Nicholas Rothwell


Harsh words about the Northern Territory…

June 29, 2011

from an article called White Elephant Territory in the Weekend Australian Review April 9-10 2011
Nicholas Rothwell

A Royal Commission held in Adelaide in 1895 had made plain the need for substantial new capital investment in the Territory. Those findings hit home. SA, with a mere 190,000 people, simply could not afford further exposure to the north. Quietly, the government in Adelaide offered the Territory to the new commonwealth.

A wise move. And this!!

A century since the commonwealth takeover, the Territory’s social and political contours remain substantially unchanged. It is still a tiny colonial outpost, bleeding public money, controlled by eccentrics, cynics and opportunists, its transient class of public servants presiding over a monumental failure of policy towards its Aboriginal peoples. It is more a condition of mind than a society, more a mirage than a place; a theatre of dreams, unfulfillable schemes and wild fancies, animated once again today by the preposterous goal of eventual statehood….