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The Australian and Environmentalists

January 3, 2011

Over at Climate Progress someone called Mulga Mumblebrain (pseudonym, much?) has written this:

… it’s no surprise that Australians are sinking deeper into the slough of [climate] denialism. The media are stupefyingly reprehensible. The floods are being attributed entirely to the current La Nina, with explicit refutations that it could have anything to do with anthropogenic climate change or increased atmospheric water vapour. Indeed the latter fact I have not seen reported anywhere in the MSM. Murdoch’s apparatus is, as ever, at the epicentre of this denialism. Today’s ‘The Fundament’ (aka The Australian) has a typically disingenuous editorial which dismisses these floods as nothing new, when they are plainly, in many cases, far beyond historical records. Then it descends, typically, into ranting mode, abusing ‘green extremists’ (The Fundament always attaches the epithet ‘extremist’ to any description of environmentalists, and has vowed, in its editorials, to ‘destroy’ the Green Party which, from July, will control the balance of power in our Senate)for preventing the construction of sufficient large dams over recent decades. Of course, in the land of facts and far from Rightwing fanaticism, these dams were not built because there are few good sites left, hydrologists and ecologists advised against them, and massive grass-roots campaigns from those about to be inundated forestalled the waste of money.
‘The Fundament’ is, in my opinion, a particularly lurid example of the central factor that will make avoiding climate catastrophe, which, I believe it is plain, has already commenced, impossible. Fanatic Rightwing ideology which is capable of denying any calamity, refuting any science and ignoring the concerns of the relevant scientific authorities, all to the ends of protecting gigantic business empires and maintaining political dominance through mobilising the ignorant, stupid and those too scared to admit the wretched truth.


Where next for Aussie Murdoch fishrap?

August 28, 2010

this, from “Club Troppo” is an interesting post indeed…

What do you do when you’re not a player no more?

Posted by Richard Green on Friday, August 27, 2010
I’ve thought for a while that the News Ltd stable of papers in Australia were stuck between two seperate models in the News Ltd empire when it came to political reporting. The old Murdoch model of cultivating the image of influence by backing winners, frequently supporting unprofitable mastheads to do so, and the newer Roger Ailes Fox News model which runs wholeheartedly partisan coverage to capture both a party and a tribal following that makes the model very profitable.

The Australian papers are stuck betwixt these worlds. They are entrenched in one camp like Ailes is, which reduces your status as a player to be courted since one party will write you off and the other will take you for granted. But they also have to be cross subsidised by profitable parts of the empire, such as right wing populism in Foxnews or left wing populism in Avatar.