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One Day of the Year

June 27, 2011

Did this play in school, aged about 15. A major influence on my thinking…

But more than 40 years after its first, controversial staging in Adelaide – it was banned by the Adelaide Festival in 1960, but put on by a defiant amateur theatre group – the play evokes uncertainty and even anxiety in the 75-year-old playwright.


We were(n’t) soldiers…

June 21, 2011

Australian 22 December 2010
The former public face of Australian prisoners of war will spend Christmas behind bars after admitting his claim of war service, which allowed him to reap $689,000 in welfare payments, was a lie.
Arthur “Rex” Crane, 84, posed as a World War II veteran for 22 years and achieved a national profile as Australian president of the Ex-Prisoners of War Association until he was outed by a military historian who believed his story did not add up.
Props to Lynette Silver (the historian)