This site is going to be the place where two people who are going to Oz document what they read/think/see/do etc before/during/after being there.  One grew up (or at least, older) in Oz before leaving on a jet plane in 1991, and t’other has been once, in 2005.

There’ll be links, book reviews, journal articles, interviews etc.

Category cloud to include:
the beach, militarism, indigenous affairs, culture, literature, militarism, history, cricket, sport, masculinity, immigration, ten pound poms, world war two, vietnam war, gallipoli, film, feminism, trades unions, environment, climate change, fauna,

The key questions are
How did ‘we’ get here?
Where are ‘we’ going (and what’s taking us there)?
Who are ‘we’ anyhow?
What stories do we tell ourselves about ourselves (and which stories are a best fit for the ‘facts’)
Who runs this place?
Who owns this place?

Operating Assumptions (but still challengable!)
In many important respects Australia is a colony of the United States
Not enough is being done to mitigate/adapt to environmental degradation and especially climate change
The myths we lived by are less useful than they were


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