Fires on the whole…


In a thread on the Grauniad about the bushfires

It’s about time we Australians really had a long, hard look at ourselves. Our attitude to the planet is disgusting and a national embarrassment. Just when the rest of the world begins to take environmental issues more seriously, we seem hell bent on appearing to care less and less.

I’m so ashamed of being Australian. We’re a nation of complete bogans. We are uneducated, unsophisticated. Even our prime minister is proud of speaking like a bogan. We essentially stole our country from the aborigines and we continue to insult them by marginalizing them into alcoholism and petrol sniffing.

It’s shameful to be Australian in these times.

And then this

@GordonLightfood –

Australia is full of lots of people, sure it has working class people but which country doesn’t or does bogan mean something else to you?

Australians are quite well educated with significant proportions holding tertiary qualifications, like most countries.

Whats wrong with the Prime Ministers working class accent? Love her or loathe her, I cant think of many countries with an atheist, unmarried and female leader from a working class background, can you? I think that says something about ‘meritocracy’, remember that word?

How one can judge sophistication or for that matter taking environmental issues seriously is harder to respond to but I believe the link below may make you smile. Lets not get too carried away..


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