Film Review: Crocodile Dundee


Watched this for the first time since, well, 1987 or so. What a set of myths it taps into/sprays around!

The Rugged Outback hero, a bit of a conman, but with a core of competence too.  (Most Australians live in towns or cities).

Tarzan, pure of a state of nature, going to the big city where the confusions of race and gender and class don’t baffle him for long. (After the ‘now that’s a knife’ scene, Linda Kowslowski’s character actually references Tarzan)

The Fugitive healer, who teaches a woman What’s Important (and saves her from life with an effete journalist).

That this was such a huge hit says/said something about a) the jokes (which were relatively funny) b) Australians’ need/wish to see themselves as Dundees and c) The wider world’s desire for these kinds of myths, I guess.

Best stuff I ever read on this was by Meaghan Morris, in her wonderful collection “The Pirate’s Fiancee


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