TV review: Q and A


Gosh isn’t the ABC’s Q and A a hit and miss affair?  The only thing you can rely on is the smugness of its host.  Good example of how even one “dud” among the five panellists can drag the whole thing down.  Usually I last about five minutes before switching over to watch something honest – like some crappy American cop show that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than wallpaper for the eyes (well, eine kleine fascismus too).

Last night Malcolm Turnbull (the once and future king of the Liberal Party) was on.  Call me insane, but I think Gillard has a chance against the clown who deposed Turnbull (one T. Abbott, aka the Mad Monk). But this guy, he would wipe the floor with her.  Articulate, sensible-seeming, patently intelligent.  Even, gasp, willing to accept science even when it tells him things he would rather not hear…

The rest of them were pretty good, and the woman who had been in Howard’s government seemed like she was willing to listen, think etc rather than just vomit up talking points… 

Presumably, normal Q and A service will resume next week?


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