From Hugh White’s Quarterly Essay


Hugh White, Quarterly Essay Power Shift: Between Beijing and Washington

It’s bloody good! Here are a coupla bits.

In broad terms Australia has five alternatives in a more contested Asia. We can remain allied to America, seek another great and powerful friend, opt for armed neutrality, build a regional alliance with our Southeast Asian neighbours, or do nothing and hope for the best.
Page 60

The suggestion that we would urge the US to relinquish primacy in favour of shared leadership with China runs against our oldest and deepest foreign-policy principles. We have always believed that our security required the domination of the Western Pacific by an Anglo-Saxon maritime power, and we have always given priority to supporting our ally’s primacy however and wherever we could. That instinct remains as strong today as ever. We can hardly imagine what it would be like to live in an Asia which is not led by the US. All our history and instincts therefore incline us to push the US to contest China’s challenge and maintain the status quo for as long as possible. Yet our interests and our future should incline us to push the other way.
Page 59


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