Harsh words about the Northern Territory…


from an article called White Elephant Territory in the Weekend Australian Review April 9-10 2011
Nicholas Rothwell

A Royal Commission held in Adelaide in 1895 had made plain the need for substantial new capital investment in the Territory. Those findings hit home. SA, with a mere 190,000 people, simply could not afford further exposure to the north. Quietly, the government in Adelaide offered the Territory to the new commonwealth.

A wise move. And this!!

A century since the commonwealth takeover, the Territory’s social and political contours remain substantially unchanged. It is still a tiny colonial outpost, bleeding public money, controlled by eccentrics, cynics and opportunists, its transient class of public servants presiding over a monumental failure of policy towards its Aboriginal peoples. It is more a condition of mind than a society, more a mirage than a place; a theatre of dreams, unfulfillable schemes and wild fancies, animated once again today by the preposterous goal of eventual statehood….


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