Julia Gillard and the red and yellow peril


Lots I should be writing here, about the Australian Defence Forces Academy scandal(s), the Larissa Behrendt twittering thing, about Julia bloody Gillard and her speeches.

But for now, I’ll just cut and paste this below, from a comment by one Fran Barlow, on a Larvateus Prodeo post

Gillard may not be a Christian, but she utters the culture of someone who sees humans in highly moralistic terms –”work” as an ennobling thing, horror at “queue jumpers” for welfare and outer-urban angst at foreigners coming in and changing the neighborhood. As tempting as it is to assume this is for her simply reflexively parochial right-wing cant she has been uttering this stuff for so long it’s not clear that she doesn’t actually believe it. In any event, it doesn’t matter.

She is quite clearly a manifestation of the ignorance and backwardness that remains the legacy of white Australia. She can attempt to distinguish herself and the party she leads from the Hansonites all she likes, but the reality is that Hanson, Abbott and Gillard are directly and indirectly the creatures of Australia’s existential fear of red and yellow peril, of guilt at being the beneficiaries of the occupation of Aboriginal land and the overlay of Christian moralising that supplied it with the moral warrant to accept it all and move on. (emphasis added)

Unlike the ALP, we Greens and those to our left have confronted the legacy of white Australia and have determined that we can and must be otherwise. It is the ALP, who over decades abandoned not only socialism but any meaningful iteration of equitable community in their mad chase after what is now seen as the neo-liberal rubric who now feels the pressure to reassert that deep down, after all, they understand community whereas we Greens do not. This is guilt written in terms that Gillard hopes the tabloids will propagate because it comes with the maudlin tabloid tropes all over it.


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