Tony Abbott, human weathervain


sorry, vane. Easy mistake to make…

This from the Age, Thurs 17 March is amusing/scary. It’s Katharine Murphy’s “Nuclear rethink over before it’s begun.”
Having ripped the piss of Julia Gillard and the governing Labor Party, she finishes with the following observation –

Tony Abbott’s stance on nuclear, and for that matter on climate, has been populism itself.
Having been a cabinet minister in the Howard government, which took a considered look at the nuclear issue and resolved that Australia needed to add nuclear to the energy mix, Abbott now says he has ”no policy” on nuclear power plants.
I wonder where the old policy went? Presumably the way of Howard’s proposed emissions trading scheme.
The Opposition Leader cannot seem to make up his mind whether he accepts the climate science or not. One minute he does, the next minute carbon dioxide is not a ”villain”. Abbott, according to a highly irritated Malcolm Turnbull, once confessed he was a ”weathervane” on climate change. Recent comments from the Opposition Leader indicate that self-criticism was about right.

The Liberals chucked their last leader (Turnbull), who would have wiped the floor with Labor, because he committed the mortal sin of having a consistent line on climate change (It’s happening and we had better do something about it).


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