“Pave the cities” or “Make Room, Make Room”


This from the front page of The Australian, 25 January is something I’ll have to pursue:

Urban sprawl threatens lifestyle
by Ben Packham
Julia Gillard’s vision for a sustainable Australia is under threat from immigration-linked urban sprawl that will more than double the size of the nation’s capital cities by 2050.
Research for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship has warned of dramatic effects on quality of life and cuts to food production unless migration levels are cut.
The National Institute of Labour Studies report finds that Sydney and Melbourne will each require more than 430,000ha of new land for housing if net overseas migration remains above 260,000 a year….

Make Room, Make Room“, as the book that became Solyent Green went…

See other DownUnderstanding posts with the “population” tag for further links…


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