A first pop at population


I don’t know what I think, yet, about population and Australia. It could probably take some more people, but not in the same way we have done so – urban sprawl, loads of water use, insanely high co2 emissions. I’ve borrowed “Overloading Australia” from the library, and it’s coming nearer the top of the pile. Meanwhile, I’m half way through a web debate between Mark Diesendorf and Andrew Bartlett. According to Diesendorf

One of the peak bodies of population boosters is the Australian Population Institute. It has a name that could be easily confused with the Australian Population Association (the demographers’ professional association) and uses the motto ‘populate and prosper’. It sets out a large array of population fallacies as if they were fact. On the other side, raising awkward questions about population growth, is Sustainable Population Australia, whose members include scientists, demographers and environmentalists.

Anyhow, probably need to read the Overloading book, and at least the exec summaries of the three Burke panels…


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