Waltzing Materialism


I, materialistically, bought a book today, with the stunning title “Waltzing Materialism”. Written by a guy called Jonathan King, it was published in 1978.

Here’s the blurb-
“Here at last is the book that tells Australians who they really are. A controversial insight into our apathetic, greedy, intolerant attitudes which have developed as we scramble madly to make a fast buck and surround ourselves with possessions. Lazy and overweight, we have deluded ourselves that we are hard-working outback heroes.
The myths we have about Australia are here exploded for all time. In their place we have the real Australians characterized by such popular expressions as: I’m all right Jack… I’m getting rich quick… I’m getting my share of it… No worries, mate, all beautifully illustrated.

I will, of course, be reading and reviewing it…


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