States of the Nation #1


To my untutored eye, and based on a rigorous investigation of the quality press (I browsed a couple of AFRs), of the States that make up the Commonwealth of Australia…
New South Wales is dominant, (not just in cricket) given its age, size, history etc.
Victoria is the most populous and has the most dynamic economy.
Queensland – is a big coal mine and field of wheat, significantly less corrupt than it was 20 years ago. At time of writing underwater. The Australian’s Sarah-Jane Tasker reports (31 December 2010) “The massive Queensland coal industry – source of more than half the world’s seaborne trade in the commodity – is at a standstill as flooding shuts mines, rail lines and ports, causing at least $2 billion in lost production.”
Western Australia another big mine for the Chinese that intermittently thinks about taking its minerals and its own destiny into its own hands…
Northern Territory – nothing much happens, according to the Australian Financial Review, anyhow.
Australian Capital Territory – e.g., Canberra. A bubble of its own etc.
South Australia – The driest state in the driest continent. Adelaide’s a nice place to visit and all, but nothing much happens outside of the months of February and March, where there annual KulturOkonomie cracks on. It’s a large country town attached to a factory that churns out leaky submarines, with ideas above its station. As a friend said, it is “a retirement home with no water.”
And that’s it.
What’s that? Tasmania? Well, Tasmania is to Australia as Australia is to the Rest of the World. That is to say, if it were suddenly to disappear (perhaps Raptured), it would be at least a week before anyone noticed, and about a month before anyone bothered to send out a search party. Tasmania – beautiful, but hippies, loggers and rapacious companies who own the political process is about it.


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