This lot are different, they refuse to assimilate…


I’m old enough to remember the whole “Asians are different, they won’t assimilate” thing. So this paragraph from Tim Flannery’s “Beautiful Lies” rings very true…

Yet somehow the argument is still being put that the latest group of immigrants is different. Thoughts like “the Chinese never mix” or “Muslims will always be different” are whispered or secretly pondered countless times each day around the nation. Past experience seems to make no dent on these views; it is as if they are products of the reptilian brain, these knee-jerks of prejudice. Such nonsensical, such abysmally pessimistic and ungenerous manifestations of human blindness are deeply depressing, all the more so because history has already proved them so abundantly wrong.
Page 23-4 of “Beautiful Lies: Population and Environment in Australia”
Tim Flannery
Quarterly Essay Issue 9



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