Snow business like snow business


Well, this is interesting. As well as living up to the whole “turning the rivers inland”…

The Snowy project was in large part created precisely to attract and give meaningful work to migrants. After the war with Japan, Australia had such a fear of Asia that it sought to boost its population with immigration from Europe at almost any cost. Had post-war immigration not occurred in Australia, and had fertility stayed at 1930s – early 1940s levels, Australia’s population today would stand at 7.6 million, after reaching a peak of 7.8 million in 1968. The Snowy scheme was part of the cost of population increase, for it helped prevent social upheaval and resentment by providing work for the new migrants and a noble raison d’etre for their influx.

Page 2 of Quarterly Essay Issue 9
“Beautiful Lies: Population and Environment in Australia”
Tim Flannery



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