Kevin Rudd, a class act


I’d read enough to know that ex-PM KR wasn’t going to be my favourite cup of tea, but there’s a piece in the Australian Financial Review by a journo called Tony Walker that confirms my prejudices.  Walker really does give him a working over generally in a piece entitled “Rudd an accident waiting to happen”

In Jerusalem, on the occasion of a gala dinner for the Australia-Israel Leadership forum at the King David Hotel, [Rudd] waded into a bloody piece of history he might have left alone.

“From the 1930s, this hotel became the British field headquarters for what was then Palestine, until Menachem Begin undertook some interior redesign,” Rudd said to stifled guffaws from the audience. The so-called “interior design” referred to the blowing up of the King David – then headquarters for the British presence in Palestine – by the Jewish terrorist organization Irgun, led by Begin, who was later prime minister of Israel. About 92 people were killed in that moment of “interior redesign,” including British servicemen and women, Arabs and Jews.

This was a silly intervention, made worse by the fact that it appeared in a set-piece speech written partly by Rudd himself. He can’t blame a feckless speech writer.


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  1. Signs and Wonders… of the stupid (it hurts) | The King James Subversion Says:

    […] Meanwhile, She has also decided to drown some kids in Queensland, during the floods in Toowoomba. (Are the Queensland floods the result of Kevin Rudd speaking against Israel?) The entirely rational reason? Kevin Rudd has – according to the people behind this ‘hypothesis’ (falsifiable? not so much*) – said some disparaging things about Israel. Except he didn’t. Actually, he makes sick “jokes“. […]

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