Notional Broadband Network…


The AFR looks like a bloody good newspaper (once you adjust your ideological filters, natch) and Louise Dodson – I suspect – knoweth of what she speaks…

Along with the minerals resource rent tax, refugee policy, health reform and climate change, the NBN is one of the main policy differences between Labor and the Coalition.

But for Labor, the NBN is far more than a policy to improve information and communications technology- especially in regional areas. Labor sees the NBN as a symbol of what the Gillard government regards as the failure of the Howard government to spend sufficiently on improving health, education and technology infrastructure and instead deciding to return the budget surpluses of the mining boom to taxpayers.

Labor also views the NBN as a crucial part of its bid to lift Australia’s languishing productivity rate, promote innovation and boost workforce participation by encouraging more people to work from home, including new parents and older Australians

Rollout timing crucial to Labor election plans

Louise Dodson

Australian Financial Review 21 December 2010, page 37


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