History repeats itself – Vietnam to Wikileaks


This useful historical perspective comes via Adelaide Friends of Wikileaks…

“In 1981 Michael Sexton (historian) wrote a book called ‘War for the Asking: Australia’s Vietnam Secrets’ (re-released in 2002 under the name ‘War for the Asking: How Australia Invited Itself to Vietnam’) which revealed the true reasons for Australian involvement in Vietnam ie. that we went to be seen as solid allies of the US under ANZUS ie. so they would stay and protect us from the mainly SE Asian threat – mainly Malaya at the time. Everyone feared another ‘Darwin 1942′ (actually they still do, I spoke to a soldier a while ago who told me he joined to prevent another Darwin 1942, I tried to explain to him what the deal is/was, but I guess military training had done its work in his case ie. he couldn’t even consider the alternatives – ps I study soldiers’ attitudes and behaviour in the Boer and Vietnam Wars but I’m a pacifist).
ANYWAY, Sexton somehow got his hands on classified (under the 30 yr rule) documents about why Menzies REALLY decided to go to Vietnam and it caused a TINY ruckus (ie. was very quickly quietened by the govt). Incidentally, the reasons he documented in the book have since been proven (as of the early 90s when documents started becoming un-classified). Malcolm Fraser (PM at the time) wanted to ‘get him’ but couldn’t, for both legal and public opinion-related reasons.
The reason I mentioned this was because of its obvious parallels with what’s going on now, although Sexton’s activity was very much brushed under the carpet (which was attempted for past Wikileaks revelations).


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