Learning from the Gramscian right?


.. the free market think-tank Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). At the IPA [Gary] Johns drew on public choice theory and the ‘new class’ theories of the American neo-cons, evincing a determined obsession with curbing the activities of NGOs, bent as they are on peddling their self-serving, undemocratic agendas and influencing governments…. A valuable, if small, Australian literature on think-tanks now exists. The most detailed study I’ve read is Damien Cahill’s PhD thesis, which forms the basis of numerous published articles. Cahill tracks the funding sources, leadership and participant base, and strategies used by institutions like the IPA to install radical new right ideologies as ‘common sense’. There is, however impressively thorough, something missing from this approach. Cahill analyses arguments and shows how the rise of certain ideologies since the 1980s has shored up ruling-class interests. We would be mistaken to conceive of all this as a carefully designed and skilfully executed grab at power. The ideas in themselves are, to their adherents, compelling, alluring, and inspiring.

Who is Bennelong? Eve Vincent, Arena 89

Here’s a talk by Cahill (haven’t read it yet)

And here’s his University of Sydney page, complete with useful list of publications.


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